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1. TDTU is the most successful autonomous public university in Vietnam;

2. TDTU is the number 1 university in Vietnam and the top 800 best universities in the world;

3. TDTU is the Top 200 university with the most influence on global socio-economic development (THE University Impact Rankings); and top 200 most sustainable universities in the world (UI GreenMetric);

4. TDTU is the first Vietnamese university to be rated 4 stars/5 stars by QS Stars;

5. TDTU has been accredited by the High National Council for Accreditation of Research and Higher Education, the French Republic and recognized as a European-standard university;

6. TDTU's educational program excellently meets the needs of society and is highly appreciated by businesses; tested AUN-QA;

7. 100% of TDTU students have jobs within 1 year after graduation; TDTU students have been, are global citizens;

8. TDTU has the best facilities, equipment and equipment in the Vietnamese university system;

9. TDTU has an international standard working and studying environment; is a comprehensive development environment, helping good people get better and better;

10. At TDTU fairness, efficiency and service are the fundamental principles of all conduct.


Faculty Of Industrial Fine Art In Ton Duc Thang University was founded on 3 September 2003 according to Decision No. 683/TĐT. The first course had about 70 students admission, up to now the total number of students studying at our Faculty is over 1000 students.

Currently, our Faculty has four specialized training fields such as Graphic Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design and Industrial Design. Over the past 12 years of development, our Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts has gradually asserted its brand in society with advanced training programs, well-educated domestic and international lecturers with diversified experiences in their fields.

We have modern and qualified facilities that satisfy all special requirements of the fine-art industries, including furnished classroom system, studio rooms, workshop rooms; a stage for fashion shows; fully equipped factories with specialized machinery.

In particular, Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts provided a ceramic kiln for students to practice. Therefore, our Faculty has been training specialized human resources in the design field, satisfying the needs of sustainable development of society.


Faculty leaders, faculty assistants, and heads of department are highly qualified and experienced not only in academics but also in practical works.


MA. Nguyen Thi Thuy Van
Dean of Faculty
MA. Hoang Le Duy
Head of Interior Design Department


All of them are experienced design experts, in which the number of foreign lecturers and foreign-trained lecturers taking part in teaching accounts for 60%. The total number of permanent lecturers is 33, including 2 teachers. Professor, 5 PhD students, 2 main lecturers, 14 masters, 03 lecturers who are doing PhD students abroad. The permanent faculty is currently responsible for more than 85% of undergraduate and graduate training programs.


MD. Ly Nhat Binh
Head of Graphic Design Department
MA. Nguyen Hong Khiem
Head of Fashion Design Department
MD. Duong Lien Trang Nha
Head of Industrial Design Department
MD. Le Trieu Hoang Anh
Head of Practical Design Expertise Department
MA. Huynh Thi Kim Tram
Head of Fine Arts Department
Prof. Dr Nguyen Xuan Tien
Ho Chi Minh City's President of the Fine Arts Association - Lecturer
Prof. Ulrich Klieber
Artist Ngo Van Duc
Interior Design Lecturer
Artist To Mai Linh
Interior Design Lecturer
MA. Delfosse Thiery
Interior Design Lecturer
MA. Ho Ngoc Le
Interior Design Lecturer
MD. Nguyen Minh Hieu
Interior Design Lecturer
MA. Pham Ngoc Quynh Giao
Interior Design Lecturer
MD. Ngo Tu Quynh Loan
Interior Design Lecturer
MA. Pham Ngoc Thu
Fashion Design Lecturer
MD. Filipa De Araújo Cristina
Graphic Design Lecturer
MD. Truong Thuy Nga
Graphic Design Lecturer
MD. Gian Thanh The Phong
Graphic Design Lecturer
Artist Nguyen Hoang Tuan
Graphic Design Lecturer
Artist Vu Hien
MA. Phan Anh Tuan
Fashion Design Lecturer
MA. Nguyen Thanh Mai
Fashion Design Lecturer
MA. Nguyen Duc Thang
Industrial Design Lecturer
Artist Huynh Dang Vien
Industrial Design Lecturer
MA. Tran Thanh Hieu
Practical Skills Lecturer
MA. Lam Nhut Thanh
Fine Arts Lecturer
Artist Nguyen Van Man
Fine Arts Lecturer
Artist Nguyen Thuy Hanh
Fine Arts Lecturer
Prof. Rudolf Schäfer
Counselor professor
Ph.D. Trang Phuong
Ph.D. Nguyen Duc Sung
Ph.D. Tran Van Long
MA. Ngo Tu Quynh Loan
Designer Dang Ngoc Huy


There are many international joint training programs. From the academic year 2008-2009, the Faculty successfully organized the final semester internship program for students at Shute University (Taiwan), Ming Chi University (Taiwan). The Faculty also has many relationships with international schools such as: Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Korea… On average, there are 12 turns of prestigious professors and experts every year who come to work with the Faculty and talk. talk to students.




Faculty of industrial arts is located in building D-ton Duc Thang University. Be dubbed as the "creative building" with modern specialized types of equipment for teaching each particular sectors, from classroom theory to the simulation room design, graphics, workshop, studio, fashion showroom... With air conditioning system covering the whole, students are now cultivated knowledge and creative freedom in the modern professional environment.