In March 2018, our faculty is pleased to welcome students from Thailand to visit and experience the exciting time of learning basic art subject, created and guided by Professor Ulrich Klieber.

This is the basic subject, providing students with the knowledge of the fundamental visual arts with layout principle, along with other factors such as stroke, dot, array, block... With the guidance from Prof. Ulrich Klieber, students had a chance to apply the knowledge in the field of creative design. In the fall semester this year, our Faculty has planned to invite Prof. Ulrich Klieber (a.k.a former Rector of the Halle University of Art and Design in Germany) to come back in order to lecture 8 groups of students about the core of art.

On the time at Ton Duc Thang University, Thai student has experienced the fun of art with 30 first students, they were together creating their artworks with creative passion.