The Faculty of Industrial Fine Arts is located at Building D - Ton Duc Thang University. Dubbed as "Building of Creative", the equipment system is specially supplied for the teaching of each specific major, from the theoretical classroom to the simulation studio, garment room, fashion showroom ...

Students will be able to access the education programs of the Top 100 prestigious universities in the world.

Be able to access to the professional world-class knowledge through workshops. Talkshow with national and international designers, experts.

Graduation standard of TOEIC 500.

Informatics is applied with the international MOS standard.

Students have the opportunity to practice their internship in Taiwan (with certificate).

2 + 2 training program with Ming Chi University of Technology - Taiwan (two degrees by Ming Chi University and Ton Duc Thang University).


Over 30% of students participate in prestigious domestic as well as international product design contests, in which many products of students won the high awards, reputation; utilized by many enterprises.


100% of graduates are qualified to work in top design companies in the South of Vietnam.


Students are cultivated with knowledge and encourage to be creative in the modern professional environment.


Students gain a fundamental knowledge of Aesthetics and Creativity, Skill of Design from Idea to Product.


100% of students are employed within 12 months of graduation and perform their job as what they are educated.


Students are able to work for companies and attend the practical trainings to easily adapt to the work later.


60% of faculty staff are foreign-trained experts and doctors.

20% of faculty staff are foreigner working under long-term contracts.


Continuously updating the curriculum in accordance with international standards; Invite prestigious professors, experts in the world to teach or advice the teaching program.


Masters degrees in Creative Arts and Design are ideal for aspiring artists and practitioners, or those seeking training in associated branches of management, production, and historical research. These subjects are often highly practical, with the opportunity to learn advanced creative techniques and reflect on your effective use of them. Research courses are also available, with a focus on current creative and design theory. 

Job opportunities for Creative Arts and Design postgraduates can be very diverse. You may be lucky enough to pursue a dream career as a professional actor, musician or artist, but programmes in this discipline also provide a broader suite of transferable skills. These cover everything from presentation and public speaking to creative thinking and practical project management.

Design-based courses often have more specific professional and vocational applications, with opportunities to work in Interior design, fashion, entertainment, and media.

Education is the best way to get the skills you need to succeed. A degree gives you the credentials required to compete and get clients’ attention.

More than 2,000 titles are stored at the Library as research materials; each course has at least 4 main reference materials. The main references are documents used at the world's leading universities in the field of art and design.

Stressing manual skills and applications of evolving technologies, the curriculum is characterized by a high-level of problem-based learning that encourages risk-taking and critical-thinking, immerses students in real-world scenarios, includes academic experiences and professional activities outside of the classroom, and allows for significant collaboration between students and between students and faculty.


The program is rigorous, rich, and engaging. You will begin working toward an art-related career from the outset by taking art courses and working on the computer during your first year. Portfolio reviews allow you to grow your skills.

Take advantage of the career focus: The internship preparation course allows you to explore your career goals while you develop a basic portfolio and look for an internship. The fourth-year Portfolio and Professional Development course help you polish your presentation and professional skills, enabling you to begin your job search before graduation.

100% of our graduate students were employed or pursuing further education within 12 months of graduation.

Study Abroad Students Opportunities: Dual Degree programme based on 2+2 form for Industrial design degree between Ming Chi University, Taiwan, and our Faculty. [Students receive two graduation certificates from both schools when they meet the academic requirements]. 

Programme for Abroad Students: 1 semester in learning Graphic design (taught entirely in English). 

International Internship programme for undergraduate students; postgraduate and graduate students.